The airfield

Runway: 07/25 with lighting

670 x 30 metres of asphalt

Approval for up to 5.7 tonnes


Coordinates (ARP): 54.30889, 8.68694

541832N 0084113E


Coordinates (centre): 54.30886, 8.68671

541832N 0084112E


Variation: 3.6° E (2024)

ICAO airport code: EDXO

IATA code: PSH


The airfield is authorised for microlight aircraft, motor gliders, helicopters, balloons and parachutists on tarmac and grass. 


Our flight director team consists of a group of highly experienced flight directors and pilots.

They have gained their expertise in the German Armed Forces and air traffic control as well as their flying experience, in some cases on military jets, cargo planes or helicopters.


We will be happy to order you a taxi to the beach or to other leisure activities in Sankt Peter-Ording and the surrounding area.


The runway is often icy in winter, please call the tower before departure on 04863 - 35 42.

Visual operation chart

Visual operation chart EDXO.pdf
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Aerodrome chart

Aerodrome chart EDXO.pdf
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AIP Informations

AIP Informations.pdf
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Fee schedule

Landing fees:

Outdoor parking charges per night:



Lighting for flight operations at night: 40 € gross 

Aircraft parking

We have a large number of outdoor parking spaces. Indoor parking spaces are also available on request.

Weather briefing

We offer you the opportunity to make your flight preparations in a flight preparation room.


You can call up the weather and other aerodrome information from other aerodromes (AIP) directly while enjoying a drink on the house.